Introducing Intravenous Detox

Introducing Intravenous Detox

Introducing Intravenous Detox: The Next Step in Safe, Medically Supervised Recovery  In today’s world of addiction recovery treatment options one of the most important aspects to consider is how a treatment facility approaches the first facet of your treatment plan - that being the process of a healthy, safe medically supervised detoxification plan.

Many treatment centers claim a supervised detox but not all use the most recent, evidence-based protocols. When exploring the options for you or your loved one it is important to understand why a good medically supervised plan tailored to your needs is paramount. This is something that Wish Recovery understands and has approached very intentionally.

When detoxing from alcohol or other substances, it is crucial to begin with a thorough assessment of the patient’s overall medical condition, any comorbid issues that are presenting at the time of treatment, and the need for any other necessary medications the patient may be currently taking that can be integrated into the treatment plan for detox. A comprehensive assessment of potential alcohol/substance-related medical problems must be conducted as well. Issues with the liver, potential pancreatitis, enzyme levels, any heart function issues, nervous system issues, and even nutritional deprivation will be important information as well as an integral part of restoring and treating the whole person.  

Risks during alcohol withdrawal are most commonly dehydration, seizures, and “shakes” or delirium tremens. There are, however, a number of emotional symptoms as well. Agitation, nightmares, depression, acute anxiety, and many other symptoms can make for a potentially unpleasant experience in detox. When properly treated these symptoms and others can be managed, often with the help of benzodiazepine medications as well as other medications to minimize the unpleasant symptoms of detoxing. 

What makes the approach used by Wish Recovery unique to most detox experiences is the way they administer the initial medicines and supplements needed by the body to begin the road back to healing and restoration during detox. To best attack most of the unpleasant side effects from withdrawal and detoxification, an innovative approach has been developed which combines immediate and safe administration of both medicines and supplements simultaneously to the patient. Fluids infused with glucose (energy), electrolytes, vitamins, as well as specific medications based on the patient’s needs are introduced into the body through a small tube accessed through a vein. This process is called Intravenous Detoxification and also helps flush toxins from the body which are most often the result of substance abuse and neglect. This infusion of fluids provides the necessary comfort, hydration, and nutritional supplementation necessary for a healthy and safe supervised detox experience.

Once a patient is stabilized after detox (which can take a period of a few days to a week or more depending on the substance and level of dependency) we can begin other assessments regarding things like mood-disorders, trauma histories, and emotional stability which aid in formulating a specific care plan for each patient entering treatment. Wish Recovery understands that a co-occurring disorder (more than one presenting issue) is very common when treating addictive behaviors but we also realize that those issues can’t always be determined accurately until the body and brain are functioning optimally. Intravenous Detoxification allows a fast and safe path to making those determinations quickly and accurately ensuring that the body and brain are being nourished, detoxed, and treated sufficiently for when the time comes to make any additional assessments.

Wish Recovery is a treatment center that is devoted to integrating all the facets of a healthy mind, body and spirit but it has to start with a safe and healthy detox. We can’t address the emotional toll our disease has taken until the brain and body are healthy enough to cooperate. Our safe, medically supervised detox using intravenous supplementation is the next step in giving yourself every opportunity to experience freedom and move on to the next phases of your program.

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