Our Facility

The moment you walk through our doors and step into the lavish high-ceiling interior of our facility, you can see that Wish Recovery is a place like no other. Our recovery center, located at 9460 Wish Ave, Northridge, CA, is positioned in a secluded yet tranquil neighborhood, which gives it a resort-like feel. The serenity of our facility will make your road to recovery both enjoyable and relaxing!

Private Suites

Our rooms all feature luxurious touches with comfort in mind, so when you're back on your feet and feeling better, you can return to your old life refreshed, renewed, and ready to regain control!


Here at Wish Recovery, we look after the minor details so our residents don't miss even the smallest of things, such as an olive tree determinately dotting our beautiful luxury suites. This is not for purely decorative purposes but because the olive tree has long been a symbol of peace, wisdom, victory, health, and many other positive qualities.


Trained medical professionals will be an essential part of recovery when you elect to undergo medical detox at our private residential rehabilitation center. To ensure your body returns to optimum health, after a morning detox, you can return to your high-ceilinged, private quarters, where you can relax comfortably. Repose and draw the woven-plated, blackout curtain panels for privacy if desired. Sleep comfortably on a contour, pocket spring mattress in your large, tufted wingback-upholstered bed with soft pillows.


Your private room offers relaxation while staying at our facility. The adjustable temperature and mood lighting allow for personal comfort and an atmosphere fit for reflection after individual, group, or family therapy sessions.


For us, nurturing both body and mind beyond just detox and therapy helps those struggling with addiction improve their mindset and outlook. Because we understand that rehabilitation can be a distressing process, we help you feel at ease from your pain to regain a spirit of happiness again at Wish Recovery. Our amenities include rain showers and spa bathtubs, perfect for starting your day or relaxing after the day's treatment or therapy sessions.


Our shower rooms specifically target relief from tension throughout the body from exercise or rehab activities via a pressure balance system in our custom-built power showers—producing sheets of cascading water that will feel amazing on your skin and leave you invigorated. Your body will welcome the gentle mane of water pouring around you with single- to multi-settings from a metal rain can shower head hung above you.


L'Occitane's brand has become synonymous with luxury and natural beauty in the world's most opulent hotels and resorts. Start your days and end your nights with sensational shower gels, shampoos, moisturizers, and more! This brand takes pride in its organic products, which cater to even the most sensitive skin types. Experience a revolution in health and wellness with these natural, luxury bath products.


Recreation and Entertainment

Many leisure and entertainment alternatives are accessible to patients outside their private suites, including various indoor and outdoor activities.


Here at Wish Recovery, our patients can find a small slice of recreation with our miniature golf green within beautifully landscaped concrete block retaining walls to give it an exotic and creative appearance.


Dealing with substance use disorder or dual diagnosis can be a turbulent and painful time, but imagine a lush green landscape adorned with trees with rich bark and thin leaves—a place of pure comfort and elegance. We understand the need for our patients to have time and space to relax, so we've ensured our facility has plenty of room to allow you that.


Whether it is playing a game of billiards, table tennis, table football, or cards, or just having an open area where you can congregate with peers and lounge, we want to make sure our boutique facility is where you feel rejuvenated and relaxed.


We’ve also taken the cinema to another level. With its cozy woven velvet blackout curtains and cushioned seating, our private movie theater helps promote a recovery environment that allows you to sit back and enjoy all-time favorite films or the latest releases, uninterrupted by distractions.


Fitness and Nutrition

We provide support and guidance beyond just abstaining from drug and alcohol use. We can help you put your whole life back on track by achieving a state of maximum well-being. At Wish Recovery, we highly value your physical well-being and health. Our program has a track record of success, and our team is committed to helping you get back on your feet.


For those wanting added support in their recovery process, we offer holistic approaches to care, including unique fitness equipment in a climate-controlled fitness room so that you can stay active during your stay. Our handmade wood barrel sauna is a perfect place to practice mindfulness.


Buffet-style meal service is provided for our patients daily, consisting of healthy foods with rich flavors, pleasing your taste buds and your body’s need for nutrients. Our meals effectively take in many of the vitamins and minerals our patients need and complement the carefully crafted treatment plans designed by highly-trained specialists in their fields.


Imagine eating a Michelin-star, gourmet meal seated across from oversized Venetian beveled mirrors under a crystal pendant chandelier in our elegant dining hall or having brunch with other patients at a massive oak, sawhorse dining table in our great and functional farmhouse kitchen, seated on linen-covered chairs for an upscale feel and flare.


Outdoor Opulence

Wish Recovery’s elegant and relaxing facility invites you to come and feel the warm California sunlight. Our recovery center makes your rehabilitation like an idyllic getaway, as we treat you like a VIP while you heal from your alcohol or substance use disorder.


Nothing will refresh you more than a dip in our heated pool or soak in the jacuzzi, where you’ll find relief from therapy-related stress. We feature water because it symbolizes so many things—life, purity, and renewal, foremost among them. The pools are just as integral to your therapy as detox and counseling. We have evidence-based methods combined with holistic modalities, which most of our graduates say have aided in sustainable and effective results—transforming people's lives like water symbolizes.


Whether lounging in a cushioned Adirondack chair under the sun or taking in the scenery of our inner court while wading your toes at the poolside, as custom fountains sprinkle into the calming water, lit up by the sun by day or warm starlit sconce light fixtures all about at night, our residents are enabled with a therapeutic decompression chamber of sorts that encourages physical recovery and renewal.


Whether you struggle with opiates, stimulants, or alcohol, we want to help you achieve a healthy state of mind and body. To achieve this holistic approach, we ensure beautiful scenery surrounds you at every turn of our recovery treatment center, including the lovely Wish waterfalls, with crystal water rapids flowing down petrified wood and rock slabs.



 Wish Recovery is a luxurious place where you can fully detox, relax, and spend time getting healthy.


Our Facility

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