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When your career can’t wait, get rapid recovery with long-lasting results.

Trusted by top executives and industry leaders, the Wish Recovery Professionals Program is a drug and alcohol program for professionals who need greater privacy and care. We offer an environment different from those who are not in recovery but have substance abuse problems. Substance abuse affects all people, regardless of their social status, so it's not uncommon for professionals in law, politics, business, medicine, and others to struggle with alcoholism or a substance use disorder.


Addiction treatment programs like our Professionals Program are significantly more intensive than those for the general population. Professionals must get the most thorough healing in the shortest amount of time. Our patients are challenged to confront their issues and lives soon after arriving. We are dedicated to getting you back to work quickly and safely.


If You Find Yourself In A Hole,
The First Thing To Do Is Stop Digging.


Our staff is here to ensure your comfort, well-being, and safety while you stay with us. You will work closely with a dedicated multidisciplinary team of medical experts and clinicians who will be available around the clock to help you with any concerns you may have.


The healing environment you deserve.

When trying to overcome addiction, it helps to be in an atmosphere with other professionals in recovery so that, as a group of peers experiencing rehab together, you can share a deeper understanding of similar struggles and frustrations as career people.


Being around different people with different life experiences and situations that have brought them to rehab but with whom you have common ground because of your responsibilities can foster supportive relationships. When you are surrounded by like-minded individuals who share a common goal, you will have a greater sense of connection and community that can help you during this challenging time. 


I wish a Recovery is a place of healing. We offer evidence-based and holistic addiction treatments to keep you calm, collected, and centered throughout recovery. From one-on-one behavioral therapy three times a week or more to hypnotherapy to customized fitness and nutrition plans, our services are tailored to suit your specific needs.


Recovery can be challenging, but you are more demanding.

Recovery is difficult, but our Professionals Program provides a goal-oriented, track-focused approach to bring you back up to speed as quickly as possible without many of the daily distractions. 


This will be a time of reflection and healing, but you can continue to grow and develop as a professional by using the skills you learn differently. You’ll want most of your concentration on rehabilitation, but as part of the program, you will have the privilege to participate in a limited amount of remote work. 


We have designed a Professionals Program to help you focus on a complete self-recovery, including the following:


  • Medically supervised detox to go through withdrawal safely
  • Self-improvement and self-discovery 
  • New coping strategies for stressors 
  • Improved interpersonal relationships and enhanced communication skills 
  • Being more present and at the moment to listen to your body and make healthier choices 
  • Relapse prevention and awareness of triggers 
  • Skills for emotion regulation and much more!  


Your addiction is not your fault.

Substance use disorders and addiction can affect people of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. Problems with drug use and alcohol impact the lives of millions of people in the United States, and more than a third of those people also have a co-occurring mental health condition.


The Professionals Program at Wish Recovery is designed for professionals who need a program that understands their unique needs. We offer intensive care in an environment that provides structure and support.


Be the only professional in your field to get the help they need.

Are you a professional who is struggling with addiction? We offer a personalized, integrative approach in a relaxing, therapeutic environment that provides an experience different from that of someone in recovery who doesn’t understand the unique stressors of a C-suite professional. 


Please take advantage of boutique concierge treatment services by our expert staff and enjoy the luxurious amenities. The Professional Program is an accelerated and intensive upscale rehab program so you can find your way back to a balanced and healthier life as soon as possible. 


The perfect treatment for professionals.



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