Prescription Drug Rehabilitation

Prescription Drug Rehabilitation

When your world has been clouded for so long by a prescription drug addiction, it can be hard to see any way out of your addiction or a time when you will be whole again. At Wish Recovery, we can help you to see clearly once more and to take the necessary steps towards lasting change and recovery. Our luxury rehab center is the perfect place to recover, heal and transform.

Whether you are addicted to prescription drugs that were originally prescribed to solve a health problem, or you have simply fallen into prescriptive drug abuse, addiction can take its toll on your emotional, physical and spiritual health. Our treatment programs are designed to set you on a new path, a path that will free you from the hold that prescription drugs have over your life.

Take That First Step Towards a Brighter Future

Nobody can foresee the future, but there is a brighter one ahead for anybody who wants to change. Taking that first step towards recovery can be a daunting one, but with our support and your commitment to making a difference in your life, we can make that change together.

During your residential stay at Wish Recovery, we will focus on your recovery and reaching these goals:

  • Reducing and eliminating withdrawal symptoms
  • A safe and successful detox
  • Learning skills and methods that will help you to avoid future relapses
  • Addressing any mental health conditions and reducing their influence
  • Regaining independence and control over your life

Tailored Treatments Suited To You and Your Lifestyle

Our inpatient prescription drug rehab programs encompass a wide variety of complementary treatments. These treatments are carefully tailored to suit your needs and your lifestyle. When you have been taking prescription medications to the point of addiction, it is important that you are weaned off of these substances in the right way. Our medically-supervised detox helps you to achieve withdrawal with the least amount of discomfort as possible.

In addition to ensuring that you get through this difficult time safely and in comfort, our caring professionals may also provide medications that will help with any withdrawal symptoms you may experience. Our luxury setting is safe, comfortable and tranquil and will help to facilitate your healing and transformation.

Complementary Therapies Working in Harmony Together

Once your system is free of prescription drugs, we can work with you on developing coping strategies for the addiction itself and also the reason why you became addicted in the first place. Our elegant setting will also give you the time and space you need to reflect on your path to recovery and practice the techniques we teach you.

We offer a range of complementary therapies that involve the body and mind, including group and individual therapy, peer support programs, holistic and spirituality services, psychiatric services and also fitness routines. These therapies have been carefully selected and developed to work in harmony together and to give you the very best chance of recovery.

If you are ready to find out more about our prescription drug abuse treatment programs, get in touch with our team today. Take that first step towards long-term recovery!

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