Prescription Drug Rehabilitation

Prescription drug addiction is like a Pandora’s Box. It damages not just the user's life but also the relationships they hold dear. As with addictions to illicit substances, medication addiction impacts a person's health and career, among other significant areas of their life. 


Wish Recovery caters to your every need with our boutique concierge treatment for substance use disorders (SUD). We take our patients through a full range of traditional and supplemental therapies that help ensure each person has a tailored plan for their recovery. Patients discover a new sense of confidence and spiritual renewal through our expert guidance in a luxurious setting. 


Our goal is to provide the highest quality of care, and we continually evaluate our services to ensure that they meet the needs of our patients. Through ongoing feedback, we have identified a growing demand for an even more personalized approach to treatment.


We believe every person deserves a second chance at life, and we’ll do everything to help you achieve the life you want with pleasant experiences outside of substances. 


Rehab Means New Pathways and Healthier Goals

Addiction brings dark days, guilt, depression, and loneliness, among other unfortunate things. But that doesn’t mean it can’t all change. Your future can be much brighter with the choices you make today. Can you see yourself enjoying life again and having healthier relationships? Can you imagine being in charge once more like it was before you developed a dependency on CNS depressants and opioids? It may be hard to visualize now, but recovery is within reach. 


A better version of yourself is possible, but prescription drug rehabilitation could be the most challenging decision you will never regret. You may be at a crossroads. You could choose to stay traveling along a life path that is no longer serving you, which may lead to a life of continued addiction and despair, or you can choose to change everything and begin a new path towards a healthier life.


It Is Often In The Darkest Skies That We See The Brightest Stars.


Healing Holistically Can Improve Recovery Success

According to the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics, 16.3 million people annually misuse prescription medications. Four million of them are first-time prescription drug abusers. At least once in their lifetime, 52 million Americans older than 12 have abused prescription medications. Twelve percent of those who misuse prescription medications have a diagnosable substance use disorder. Only 12.7% of these 2 million individuals acknowledge they have SUD.


We aim to elevate and heal the mind, body, and spirit for complete wellness with our holistic prescription drug addiction treatment. Accelerated recovery is promoted by healing the connection between your mind and body. 


We offer the same conventional techniques used by most drug rehabs. Still, the efficacy of those methods can be enhanced by incorporating natural therapies that target wholeness and harmonious well-being. During your stay, you’ll be able to decompress and find comfort during recovery.  


Holistic treatments also promote healing by helping patients manage stress, a critical factor in recovery. Many people suffering from substance use disorders experience significant pressure due to various issues related to their jobs, finances, relationships, etc. Stress often exacerbates mental health symptoms and leads to poorer health outcomes. 


Patients who engage in such activities as acupuncture, yoga, and art therapy are less likely to relapse since they are involved in productive activities that they can continue to practice and master long after leaving the facility. 


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Benefits of Luxury Drug Rehab Centers

During your stay at Wish Recovery, treatment professionals will monitor you 24 hours a day at our inpatient facility. This supervision is for your protection and increases your chances of fully recovering from your addiction.  Our top-rated treatment center has amenities that provide the ideal environment for your recovery. You'll be able to focus on yourself instead of the distractions of daily life, which could sabotage your progress.


Understanding why you abuse prescription drugs is an essential first step to recovery. It won't be the last step you take on your journey, but we will support you as you find your way. You'll learn coping skills and build effective techniques for reacting differently to triggers. Different therapy approaches can teach you how to set boundaries, so you start repairing wounded relationships and establish healthier ones with people who will support you in your recovery. 


Inpatient rehab will also prepare you for continued self-improvement of your physical and mental health to reduce the likelihood of relapse. This might include practical tips from our nutritionist for healthier eating, increasing your fitness levels, and understanding the importance of proper sleep hygiene. Wish Recovery provides aftercare so that you can continue taking care of yourself after you graduate when you must rely on your self-efficacy to sustain your abstinence long-term. 


Rely on Your Resilience, Not Drugs

Your time for change is right now. You have the potential for a revitalized life full of freedom and self-reliance. Prescription drug addiction has taken up too much energy, relationships, and health. Let Wish Recovery get you back in the driver's seat of your life for a future without drug addiction. You deserve to live that life.

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