A Holistic and Tailored Approach to Your Treatment

At Wish Recovery, we understand that no two people are ever exactly the same, especially when it comes to planning effective treatment. That is why we take a holistic and tailored approach to your recovery by offering a wide variety of personalized treatment modalities.

Whether this is your first time in a treatment center or you are refocusing on your recovery following a relapse, our treatment plans are designed to perfectly complement our detox program and will be aligned carefully to suit your individual needs. From  individual and group therapy to EMDR and trauma-based therapy, all of our treatments are delivered in luxurious settings by qualified and experienced practitioners.

Unique Treatments with a Common Goal

Every treatment modality has its own unique quality but the goal is the same - to help you to heal your mind, body, and soul and go on to learn and develop coping strategies that you can use for the rest of your life.

Fostering Lasting Behavioral Change

Wellness and health, including mindfulness activities, are integrated throughout your treatment to promote lasting behavioral change and build a firm foundation for long-term recovery. Research has shown that mindfulness and therapy can help individuals to focus on the underlying reasons for their addiction and to provide a basis for developing positive stress-management and coping skills.

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