Alcohol Detox

Alcohol Detox

We are proud to offer a proven alcohol detoxification program that tackles the physical and psychological effects of alcohol addiction. This detox program, combined with residential care and therapy at our luxury rehab facility will help to ensure our clients attain greater independence from alcohol abuse and go on to experience lasting change in their lives. All of our rehab and detox programs are managed and monitored by our team of medical professionals.

Medically-Supervised Alcohol Detox in a Luxury Setting

The journey to sobriety can be a rocky road, filled with obstacles and temptation. But when you come to Wish Recovery, you can take that road one step at a time and know that you will get the support you need to complete your journey. That first step is one of courage and perhaps uncertainty. We understand how hard it is to turn your back on alcohol and break your addiction once and for all.

What is Alcohol Detox?

Alcohol detoxification is the time it takes for alcohol to completely leave the body. This process isn't an easy one, but it is a necessary stage in the recovery process. While withdrawal may not be pleasant, you will be in the safe and very capable hands of our medical team throughout and it may be possible to administer medications to ease your discomfort.

Intravenous Detoxification

Intravenous detoxification, also known as detoxification therapy, is an effective detox method that allows the body to be purged of toxins and to absorb essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals amino acids and oxygen.

The procedure lasts between one and several hours and can provide an immediate and invigorating effect that can counter many of the symptoms associated with alcohol withdrawal. Throughout your detoxification therapy, you can relax comfortably while your body and mind start to heal.

A Detox Program Designed to Suit Your Specific Needs

During our multi-day detox program, our team will create an individualized treatment plan that best suits your needs. Once your detox has started, we will monitor your symptoms closely so that we understand which symptoms may require further treatment. The goal of detox therapy is to safely reduce your withdrawal symptoms, prevent complications of alcohol addiction and create a continued treatment plan that sets you on a path of abstinence, recovery, and happiness.

Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome - What You Need to Know

Any substance addiction has the potential to cause withdrawal symptoms during detoxification, but the symptoms caused by alcohol abuse can often be more severe than other substance withdrawals. These symptoms are
collectively known as alcohol withdrawal syndrome or AWS. The longer a person has been addicted to alcohol, the more severe and prolonged AWS is likely to be.

The good news is that at Wish Recovery, we have developed the best possible treatment experience, with a detox program that is designed to ease the symptoms and make you as comfortable as possible throughout the process.

Your New Life Begins Again Today

By detoxing in our luxury facility and under the supervision of our caring and professional team, you have the opportunity to nourish and heal your mind, body, and soul. We go beyond the treatment of alcohol addiction to identify and treat co-curring disorders and achieve lasting recovery.

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