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Recovering from drug and alcohol addiction should not be left to chance. First, you need to find a substance abuse rehab to help you achieve desired results. Choosing Wish Recovery out of the other luxury rehab centers is a choice you'll never regret but always remember. You don't want to go on living the way you are, do you? Now is the perfect time to embark on a new chapter in your life.


Like many people, when you go online, you see many upscale rehab centers you can go to for help, but how do you know if any of them are any good? Each treatment center promises the same thing. Does that mean you should have a luxury detox or rehabilitate at any random place? 


Substance abuse treatment is effective as long as you stop using drugs. Wrong. Recovery is not a destination; it is a journey that requires changing behaviors and thinking that impact your health long-term.

Discover the Wish Recovery Difference in Dual Diagnosis Treatment.


Living a healthier, drug-free life is one of the most critical choices. But choosing a dual diagnosis rehab like Wish Recovery is the difference between merely ending substance and alcohol abuse and living a more fulfilling life without substance and alcohol addiction.


Many drug rehab and luxury detox facilities are in the business of solely treating a person’s addiction. However, our staff, mission, and entire therapeutic philosophy are not only about how best to treat your alcohol and substance use disorders but about how best we can treat you as a person. 


Our holistic treatment allows patients to detox, learn new coping skills, redefine themselves, rewire their brains, repurpose their life goals, and create a new lifestyle that doesn’t involve drugs or alcohol—all within our private, secure, and lavish estate.


We aim to set you up with the tools to succeed in life through behavioral therapy. At our luxury rehab center, we want you to live life more abundantly by giving you world-class hospitality so that the idea of you being worth the best becomes internalized and motivates you as you heal.



We Are the Door. You Are the Key to Recovery.


At Wish Recovery, we know that battling health conditions like addiction is complex and can feel all-consuming. That's why we're here to support you every step. We understand that change is not an easy thing. When you come to our luxury rehab, you're greeted by a team at the door and shown around our facility.


Our medical staff will spend time with you discussing your treatment. It can guide you through the initial stages of your recovery process, so you can feel completely comfortable and assured about what is happening at the luxury detox and rehab.


The specialists at our treatment center are women and men with years of experience in their fields, dedicating their lives to helping people overcome their addictions and improve their mental health. These professionals comprise your care team, including physicians, medical practitioners, and other healthcare specialists who attend to your physical symptoms and spiritual, nutritional, mental, and emotional wellness.


At our drug rehab, we take an integrative approach to addiction treatment. It is an evidence-based program with dynamic and valuable adjuncts of holistic practices that help you transcend limitations around drug addiction and obtain sustainable coping methods to thrive. This unique approach enables us to provide warmhearted, respectful attention where needed most: with our patients.



Concierge Treatment. High-End Rehab. Compassionate Care.


Wish Recovery's radiant luxury facility centers on delivering patient satisfaction. Our private facility exclusively accommodates six guests. One of the main elements separating our beautiful boutique facility from many recovery centers is our unrivaled ability to offer behavioral therapy for co-occurring disorders when drug addiction and mental health issues are involved. Our care has a unique 1:1 patient-to-staff ratio.

With 24/7 access to care, our exemplary level of concierge, hands-on service helps patients achieve long-lasting recovery and avoid the feelings of isolation that can occur at other treatment centers.


At other luxury rehabs, budgets often prevent comprehensive treatment for every patient and lead to overcrowding, which results in less one-on-one time for patients between staff, caregivers, and fellow patients.


At Wish Recovery, we ensure we are there for those who want us most—those serious about improving their lives.



Addiction Is Deeper Than Drugs and Alcohol. Our Treatment Program Makes One Count for More.


In alcohol rehab, we help you face your problems head-on. Group therapy makes it easy to talk about your issues with others and get support from people going through similar struggles. Unfortunately, group therapy isn't the best when it comes to fixing the root of the problems that are plaguing your life. 


Our one-on-one therapy sessions with certified clinicians will help you recognize your triggers, learn new coping mechanisms, and discover ways to improve your relationships with coworkers, friends, family, and yourself. 


When you get one-on-one time with a trained therapist, you start to unravel the causes of your addiction, understand the role you've played in your life, and we'll give you all the skills you need to fight back against your urges every day. 


While in drug rehab, you'll get individual therapy with a highly trained expert three times a week, ensuring you get the help you need to get back on track to a healthy life. Recovery is not a time to dwell on the past. We will help you focus on what you want out of the future.


Here's What People Are Saying About Wish Recovery


“VERY well-structured… The only negative thing is how I’ll miss some really great relationships and bonds I made.”


Heather B.


“After weeks of researching rehab centers, I ended up choosing Wish… From the day I arrived… I never once regretted going there. Going to Wish was really a Wish come true; I got back the belief that I [could] be sober and have a wonderful life… I left stronger, healthier, and happier than I have been in so many years.”


Triston B.


“The owner is truly, truly there because this is a passion project. He cooks for the clients and makes it a point to ask every single day how [we] are doing…discharge planning is phenomenal. They continue to support you when you leave….”


Sonya H.


No Day, but Today.


We at Wish Recovery know that you're the key to recovery. We rely on compassionate care to provide insight into our program tailored to your specific needs as an individual.


While many treatment options comprise a one-size-fits-all approach to recovery, we adopt an integrative recovery methodology that has proven successful for many recovering individuals. Instead of masking symptoms, we focus on the underlying causes of addictive behavior and demonstrate the importance of self-care with tailored programs to fit your unique needs.


We are the best rehab because we effectively guide you to a more fulfilled living with hands-on complementary and alternative holistic attention, scientifically proven methods, highly skilled professionals, and the right touch of luxury. We want to help you build a healthy foundation for your recovery. Enjoy an improved quality of life outside the barriers of addiction where there is healing and long-lasting health.


The only thing standing between you and your addiction today and your freedom and a fulfilling, drug-free life tomorrow is your decision to contact Wish Recovery and speak to an admissions specialist right now!

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