Alternative Therapies to Support Your Mind, Body and Soul

Restore Your Body, Mind, and Soul with Supplemental Treatments.

At Wish Recovery, we believe that our patients can experience absolute joy without the use of addictive substances, and our alternative therapies are one way to help patients find their natural sense of delight in life. Supplemental treatments like acupuncture, massage, art, and sound therapy allow our patients to tap into authentic feelings of contentment and relaxation throughout detox and inpatient rehabilitation. 


Feel better with addiction treatment using alternative therapies.

Our holistic treatment program is designed for anyone struggling with alcohol or substance use disorders of many kinds. These complementary and alternative therapies are intended to further your chances of healing and prolong your sobriety by enhancing the natural functions of the body and mind.


We believe that healing is a process, not an event. That’s why we created our programs to be as comprehensive as possible, addressing every aspect of wellness and health that may impact the success of your recovery. By helping you cultivate greater self-awareness and mindfulness, form healthier patterns of thought and behavior, and develop a stronger connection with your body and its needs, we believe that you can positively impact the course of your healing and recovery.


Revitalize your outer self, inner self, and mind.

We use alternative treatments at Wish Recovery to support our patients' recovery. Not only are these therapies meant to help you heal your body so that you can leave the rehab center rejuvenated, but also so that you can reconnect with aspects of yourself that exist beyond the addiction.


During recovery, people experience various emotions, including fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. These feelings can make it difficult to trust yourself and others, let go of the addiction and start living healthier and happier lives. We provide alternative therapies to reinforce the healing process, decrease stress, and help you manage these emotions.


Go deeper, heal faster.

By integrating the traditional modalities of your addiction treatment plan with our supplemental therapies, you’ll discover a journey to wellness and a newfound appreciation for a life guided by our licensed experts. We are committed to providing you with the utmost care and comfort to ensure success in overcoming your struggle.


Restoring your health, discovering a new life purpose, and feeling confident in your decision to get help will be one of the highlights along your path to the life you deserve. Let us celebrate you and your recovery. 


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