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February 2022

What Does It Mean to Practice Self-Care in Recovery?

Sobriety is just one aspect of recovery. A new life awaits you if you stop using drugs or alcohol. Self-care is at the heart of a significant transition.
We all require a tune-up when we become clean since drug abuse has ravaged our health. Drug and alcohol abuse is harmful to the body, mind, and soul. Those with substance use disorders who have been inactive in their recovery treatment for months or years must take the necessary steps to rehabilitate and preserve their health.

Why Music Therapy for Addiction Recovery Is Effective

According to new research, music technically fits the definition of a drug once shared primarily as a description of substances like heroin, weed, and crystal meth. So if you've ever wondered why you can't escape from those little earworms burrowing into your brain, apparently it's because you, in a way, have been addicted to music—and we all have been for most of our lives! Here are four ways music affects us and why they make music therapy so effective in addiction therapy.

The Stages of Addiction

Various stages of addiction manifest through different periods of a person's substance use. For some people, they can develop a substance-related habit quickly, within months, for example. Others may need to use substances for an extended period before progressing along the spectrum of disordered drug use, which could mean several years.

So, You’re 30 Days Sober… Now, What?

Many people start the year with a new mindset and a commitment to quitting drugs, alcohol, or other bad habits. Unfortunately, many of them relapse before the end of the first month.

The first month is crucial to the recovery process when you quit drugs. The odds of you staying sober for a month are the same as staying sober for a year. So, what can you do to increase your chances of success during your drug recovery?

An Overview of Microdosing

Since 2010, microdosing has been a popular approach to enhancing energy and productivity in Silicon Valley, assisting in the discussion and resolution of strategy and code difficulties. It has gained traction among progressive health activists outside Valley biohackers. Many of the most used compounds for microdosing are prohibited, making them difficult to obtain.

Understanding Addiction Treatment

Substance use disorder (SUD) and alcohol use disorder (AUD) are a chronic disease characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use despite negative consequences. Because of the condition's complexity, each person diagnosed requires a unique and personalized treatment plan. Your therapeutic approach should consider your physical, social and psychological needs. Proper treatment is determined by the intensity of your addiction, as well as whether you have a mental problem or a chronic medical ailment. Understanding treatment principles will assist you in making the most of your program.