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March 2022

Is Self-Medicating with Drugs and Alcohol Like Addiction?

When people are going through difficult times, they often turn to substances to help them get through the day. They turn to alcohol, marijuana, prescription pills and other substances to help them manage their emotions and feelings. Some people may use home remedies or drugs and alcohol to help them sleep, be social or manage pain. But how is what they’re doing any different than what people diagnosed with addiction are doing? This article will look at other aspects of self-medicating and discuss whether it is the same as substance use disorder.

How Does Self-Acceptance Relate to Addiction Recovery?

Many people will tell you that recovery from drugs and alcohol begins with recognizing and accepting that your drinking or substance abuse is a problem. While it is an essential first step, authentic healing begins more profoundly with self-acceptance.

To accept oneself—flaws and all is what it means to be truly human. Many people who begin using drugs or develop problematic drinking behaviors do so from silent psychological prompts of low self-esteem and self-worth, which are directly linked to a lack of self-acceptance and self-love.

Your Love Hurts: How Addiction Ruins Relationships

When the 70s rock band Nazareth recorded "Love Hurts," they probably weren't talking about addiction, but love can truly hurt with untreated addiction in any relationship. It would be a mistake to look at substance use disorder (SUD) or alcoholism as an individual's problem.

Unless you are directly affected, many people don't always consider the full depth of issues involving drug addiction and relationships. The partners, families, coworkers, and friends closest to those with SUD or alcohol use disorder (AUD) go through much of it with them.