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January 2023

Controlling Emotionally Driven Behavior through Opposite Action

This session will discuss "Opposite Action," a dialectical behavior therapy technique. When feelings become too intense or harmful or when they cause dysfunctional emotion-driven behavior, DBT encourages the use of this technique. The point is not to deny the validity of your feelings but to reframe them in a way that will help you reach a more positive outcome.

Wish Recovery’s First Responders Program: Helping Our Heroes Heal

If you're among the brave souls who take on the daily challenges of being a first responder, you understand that your profession can wear on your mental and physical well-being. You bear witness to some of the most heartbreaking aspects of humanity, and you often put your safety at risk to help others. It's no wonder first responders have some of the highest rates of PTSD, alcohol use disorder, substance misuse, and other mental health disorders.