First Responders Program

Help yourself to help others.

Serving others is an important and noble calling. It’s a commitment that many aspire to. Still, if you are overextended in your profession, it can develop unhealthy habits and consequences such as alcoholism, substance use disorder, or other mental health issues. 


Unfortunately, these conditions are often ignored unless they have significant implications for a person's life. Wish Recovery’s First Responders Program is a specially designed addiction treatment program that strives to give you all the tools you need to avoid neglecting self-care so you can continue serving others in your community!


An exclusive program that fully supports your recovery.

Our First Responders Program is a stepping stone to your long-lasting recovery. It aims to help you regain control and bring the courage to live your best life to the surface. You deserve hope and healing. We're here for you.


At our private luxury rehab, we understand that being a first responder comes with challenges and barriers to effective treatment. That's why we offer a rehabilitation experience in a safe environment where you can work through your addiction alongside peers of other first responders with the right level of care you need in a supportive community. 


First responders are increasingly suffering from compassion fatigue, like a lack of empathy toward calls for help with opioid overdoses is increasingly reported in the media. As a first responder, you may have to deal with job-related issues such as loss of privacy, interruptions to their sleep, and frantic work hours. The individuals you help may also make you more susceptible to experiencing acute traumatic stress because of their emotional distress, grief, and anger.


Recovery Is Something That You Have To Work On Every Single Day
And It’s Something That Doesn’t Get A Day Off.


To help you return to a healthy and productive way of life, our multidisciplinary care team includes professionals who are each skilled in their respective fields. At the center of our focus are some of the following unique barriers you might face:


  • Guilt about breaking public trust
  • Vicarious trauma
  • Fear of disappointing your department or co-workers
  • Depression
  • Fear of losing your job or benefits
  • Anxiety
  • Drinking cultures
  • Burnout
  • Grief
  • Difficulty in asking for help
  • Compassion fatigue


The holistic luxury approach to addiction recovery.

First responders have an interesting perspective than the general population regarding substance use because of their training and experience. Their work may force them to encounter the same people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol again and again, and the consequences that addiction can have on innocent bystanders like children and the elderly. This may be harrowing for them.


Even if you witness the impact drugs and alcohol can have up close and personal, no one is immune from developing dependency or addiction. Stress, strenuous work, and substance abuse problems are the reality for many first responders. Given the job demands, you have an elevated risk of suffering from mental health issues. Many first responders have psychiatric problems, and although services are accessible, few take advantage of the resources. Get the help you deserve.


Our program helps you break the cycle of addiction and return to a healthy, balanced life. Through a combination of medical care and behavioral therapy, we help you address the underlying causes of your addiction and reduce cravings. And with the support of a team of experts, you’ll learn how to deal with daily stressors and improve your mental health.


Keep your job and heal.

You're not alone in your struggle with addiction. With a supportive, private environment, a wide range of amenities, and diverse therapeutic modalities, the Wish Recovery First Responders program can help you cope without giving up on your passion for serving others.


Recover with dignity and support.

Recovery can sometimes be challenging, but it doesn't have to be lonely. We start by assessing your situation and setting goals to outline the path to your best self. Then, you’ll work individually and within groups to ensure you have the tools and learn the skills necessary for success. 


With Wish Recovery’s First Responders Program, you can overcome any new challenges and experience an improved quality of life. With 24/7 medical care and counseling, our addiction treatment center is here for you regardless of your specific needs or where you are on your recovery journey. 


We know that you can’t help others unless you’re well. Contact us now to find out more about this specialized addiction treatment program!


Get the support you need and deserve!


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