First Responders Program

As a first responder, you’re primed and ready to respond to crisis and emergency at a moment’s notice, helping citizens in distress and creating a safer world for everybody. But when you’ve got their back, who’s got yours?

At Wish Recovery, we understand the stresses and traumatic events a first responder is exposed to every day and that the nature of the profession puts you at a higher risk of developing a substance abuse habit.
If you are struggling with a traumatic event, such as an accident, assault, death of a co-worker or combat trauma, these issues can often lead to drug and alcohol abuse, relationship problems, poor work performance or failure and sleep disturbance. Life doesn’t have to be that way. 

A Treatment Program Exclusively for First Responders

When control of drug and alcohol use slips away from you, our First Responders Program will provide you with addiction treatments and therapies tailored to your personal history, background and experiences in a private and luxury setting.

To maintain the highest level of privacy, safety and camaraderie, you will only ever be treated alongside other members of your peer group. What’s more, our team involves active and retired first responders with extensive clinical knowledge and first-hand experience with the types of trauma professionals in your field face on a daily basis.

Committed to Your Long-Term Recovery

Our First Responders Program takes a holistic approach to your long-term recovery, focusing on the recognition and treatment of the psychological, biological, social and spiritual elements of addiction. Each of our experienced clinicians and members of our care team will provide you with the professional support you need to get back to a healthy and productive lifestyle.

We focus on the very specific barriers and issues encountered by first responders, including:

  • Work-related traumatic events
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Difficulty in asking for help
  • Grief
  • Drinking cultures
  • Fear of losing your job/benefits
  • Fear of disappointing your department or co-workers
  • Guilt about breaking public trust

Our experienced staff will help you to discover and master new healthy coping mechanisms instead of turning to alcohol or drugs. In our supportive, monitored private luxury environment, you will have access to a wide range of amenities and therapeutic activities, including but not limited to a fully equipped onsite gym, swimming pool, sauna and more. 

Group therapy sessions are a crucial part of our First Responders Program. We understand that the fear of judgement can prevent first responders from opening up in a traditional group session. That’s why our sessions consist of people from your peer group, giving you the opportunity, confidence and trust to open up amongst people who understand. 

Take the First Step

If you are a first responder or family member that needs help with substance abuse - start by getting in touch with our caring and experienced Admissions team. We are committed to your privacy, making it a top priority. In our First Responders Program, you will be in a tight knit community of fellow first responders. Together, you will be provided with ongoing sessions and proven treatment modalities such as:

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