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If you are dealing with addiction, Wish Recovery is here to help.


Wish Recovery provides first-class addiction treatment. We provide some of the best addiction recovery services to help you or a loved one heal from the harm of alcohol or drug addiction. Our team of professionals is a group of positive, supportive, and caring individuals ready to help you start living the healthy, happy life you deserve!



We are the right rehab for you.


We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to addiction recovery. We have a variety of rehab programs tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re struggling with addiction, mental health, or both, we can help. Our experienced staff will work with you to create a treatment plan that’s right for you. We offer a variety of therapies and activities that can help you heal and recover. We also have many amenities that can make your stay more comfortable, including private rooms, a pool, and a gym.


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Luxury detox and rehab for adults with alcohol and drug addiction.


Our luxury recovery facility is a vital service that can help those struggling with addiction get their lives back on track. Through comprehensive care and treatment, luxury detox and rehab can provide individuals with the tools to overcome addiction and live a sober, fulfilling life.


Wish Recovery offers various services geared toward helping those with substance use disorder recover. Services may include individual and group therapy, medical detox, and medication-assisted treatment. In addition, our recovery facility offers features and activities that help to make the healing process more comfortable and enjoyable, such as gourmet meals and recreational attractions.


If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, our luxury detox and rehab can be a fundamental step toward recovery.


Get the best of both worlds.


If you’re looking for a rehab that offers integrated, evidence-based treatments in a comfortable and holistic setting, Wish Recovery is your answer. We’ve equipped our facility with state-of-the-art amenities, and our staff is passionate about providing personalized care. We tailor our approach to everyone’s needs. Our goal is to help our clients achieve lasting sobriety and happy, healthy lives.



Keep calm and heal.


When trying to recover from addiction, it is vital to stay positive and believe in brighter days. A lavish, resort-style setting and attentive care can help you do this. You can focus on improving at a rehabilitation center like Wish Recovery without worrying about the outside world. The staff will help you every step of the way, and you will have access to the best possible treatments and therapies. This 24/7 availability and concierge convenience can make all the difference in your recovery.


Comfortable rehabilitation from addiction at a place where you feel safe.


You're not alone if you’re struggling with an alcohol or substance use disorder. Many people suffer from these conditions, and there is help available. Wish Recovery is a luxury Los Angeles detox and rehab facility that provides world-class care for those struggling with alcohol and substance use disorder or dual diagnosis. Our staff is compassionate and supportive, and we will work with you to help you get your life back on track.


Sometimes, the best way to find treatment is just phone call away.


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Premium Facilities

At Wish Recovery, we recognize that patients need quality and premium facilities for fast and holistic recovery. We have well-furnished private rooms that foster the privacy of patients.

Also, our specialized and licensed personnel deal with patients on a one-on-one basis, thus promoting individualized care.

Topping that, we have a swath of entertainment options ranging from mini golf, table football, and table tennis to billiards. The health and fitness of our patients are of great concern. We have a gym, steam room, and a sauna that strengthens the emotional and physical health of patients. In addition, the deluxe private suites furnished with high-end furniture and fixtures add comfort. With a movie theatre and an outdoor BBQ, Wish Recovery's gamut of luxury entertainment facilities is unparalleled. We recognize luxury facilities are ingredients for success in a patient’s recovery journey.


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