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Wish Recovery provides high-quality luxury rehab services. We provide a congenial recuperative environment for those struggling with addiction by combining clinical and therapeutic approaches to promote long-term recovery. Our team of professional doctors, psychiatrists and counsellors give personalized and comprehensive care for patients.

We understand that addiction is a disease and by following an innovative treatment approach, we ensure that patients get quality treatment. We use proven and evidence-based approaches to design efficient recovery programs. For instance, the detox program ensures that patients lead a drug-free life without having to struggle with severity of withdrawal symptoms. The designs are based on the three phases of addiction treatment: detox (medical), psychotherapy (counselling) and after-treatment care (social work).

At Wish Recovery, we understand the stresses and traumatic events a first responder is exposed to every day and that the nature of the profession puts you at a higher risk of developing a substance abuse habit. If you are struggling with a traumatic event, such as an accident, assault, death of a co-worker or combat trauma, these issues can often lead to drug and alcohol abuse, relationship problems, poor work performance or failure and sleep disturbance. 

When control of drug and alcohol use slips away from you, our First Responders Program will provide you with addiction treatments and therapies tailored to your personal history, background and experiences in a private and luxury setting. To maintain the highest level of privacy, safety and camaraderie, you will only ever be treated alongside other members of your peer group. What’s more, our team involves active and retired first responders with extensive clinical knowledge and first-hand experience with the types of trauma professionals in your field face on a daily basis.
If you are a first responder or family member that needs help with substance abuse, please check out our First Responders Program or get in touch with our caring and experienced Admissions team.



Premium Facilities

At Wish Recovery, we recognize that patients need quality and premium facilities for fast and holistic recovery. We have well-furnished private rooms that fosters privacy of patients.
Also, our specialized and licensed personnel deal with patients on a one-on-one basis thus promoting individualized care.
Topping to that, we have a swath of entertainment options ranging from mini golf, table football, table tennis, to billiards. The health and fitness of our patients is of great concern. We have a gym, steam room and a sauna that strengthens the emotional and physical health of patients. In addition, the deluxe private suites furnished with high-end furniture and fixtures adds comfort. With a movie theatre and an outdoor BBQ, Wish Recovery's gamut of luxury entertainment facilities is unparalleled. We recognize luxury facilities are ingredients for success in a patient’s recovery journey.

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