Hypnotherapy is an evidence-based, holistic approach to drug and alcohol addiction that connects you to your recovery at a subconscious level. With your consent, specially trained therapists at Wish Recovery will take you to the inner depths of your mind to help you heal and transform.


While in a relaxed, hypnotic state, you’ll explore meaningful topics and receive suggestions that will help you confront any feelings of guilt, shame, or other limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from reaching your full potential. For example, your hypnotherapist may present you with visualizations that can help you see your future self in a healthier, more positive light.


A hypnotherapist will help you reshape the way you see yourself and, through a combination of hypnosis and psychotherapy, bypass your analytical, critical-thinking mind and connect you to your subconscious mind to achieve life-changing results. 

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How Hypnotherapy Works

Hypnotherapy is effective for those who want to transform their unconscious thinking. Stage hypnosis is well-known, but hypnotherapy is more targeted and not for entertainment. It is provided by a certified hypnotherapist who communicates with patients to learn about the many elements of their lives they want to review and improve.


Afterward, the therapist induces a hypnotic trance in the patient to soothe the subconscious mind. One may more easily change their previously held limiting beliefs and emotions, which is at the core of all addiction treatment in this state.  


It is possible to help a person unlearn old habits in a hypnotic state since the individual's subconscious mind is more active and accessible. You can reprogram conditional behaviors into more positive ones using relaxation, visualizations, positive hypnotic suggestions, and other thought-activation approaches. Sometimes, even when a person is aware that their conduct has developed into something harmful, it may be challenging to break out of the addictive habit. Still, hypnotherapy makes it easier to break the chain.


Many people have benefited from the ancient treatment of hypnosis throughout the years. While hypnotherapy is helpful, it is not designed to be the only therapeutic option for anyone's addiction or mental health problems. Instead, it is meant to be part of a complete treatment plan that includes various conventional and holistic approaches.


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Benefits of Hypnotherapy

In addition to changing behavior, there are several other benefits to hypnotherapy for addiction, including the following:


Serves as a stress aid

A person's anxiety may arise during drug detox if they crave the substance that caused their addiction. Anxiety and stress might make healing more difficult. Reduced stress levels may be achieved by hypnotherapy and other stress-relieving measures like regular exercise and a proper diet.


Helps manage co-occurring disorders

Many people have mental health issues and alcohol or drug problems. Hypnotherapy may benefit persons with co-occurring disorders since it may reduce triggers and address the fundamental cause of the addiction.


Eases the pain of withdrawal

Chronic pain is a common side effect of drug and alcohol withdrawal. By providing the patient more control over their feelings of pain, hypnotherapy may play a crucial part in alleviating that suffering.


Improves sleep

During hypnosis, the body gets incredibly calm, and studies suggest that hypnotherapy may increase the time spent in the deeper phases of sleep. Improving the quality of one's sleep is essential to one's overall health and recovery since obtaining adequate sleep is a critical component of overcoming alcohol or drug issues.


Recovery Through Positive Suggestions of Change

Hypnotherapy is often used to reduce cravings, improve self-confidence, and regulate your response to stressful situations. You can also use it to address behaviors and thought patterns that may have led to your addiction. Hypnotherapy at Wish Recovery is a safe and effective way to get the desired results without medications' side effects. Recently, it has emerged as a promising tool for treating addictions. Even though it isn't the only therapy needed to make a successful recovery, it can be a vital part of your comprehensive, integrated treatment plan at our luxury inpatient rehab.

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