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September 2022

A 9/11 Massacre Every Other Week: The Dangers of Fentanyl and What You Should Know

About two-thirds of the over 108,000 drug overdose fatalities in 2021 featured fentanyl or another synthetic opioid. In 2020, almost 43,000 overdose deaths were from fentanyl. This synthetic opioid is commonly used for managing pain in cancer patients and those who have undergone surgery or cannot tolerate other types of pain medication. Unfortunately, the dangers of fentanyl are numerous and well-documented at this point. The drug has been linked to countless deaths over recent years. Public health organizations have issued warnings about its use as an anesthetic, painkiller, and even a street drug. As an illicit substance, these organizations are seeing this as an issue of national security and appealing Washington to bring immediate attention before any more people die. But what exactly is fentanyl? How do you recognize it, and what are some things you need to know if you think someone around you might be using it? Keep reading to find out more!

ISO Is a Deadly Reason for Concern

There are rising concerns about the emergence of new synthetic opioids that may be just as deadly as fentanyl. Recently, reports have shown that isotonitazene has replaced heroin as the drug most often associated with fatal overdoses.

ISO, or isotonitazene, is now the deadliest illegal drug in the United States, surpassing fentanyl. Due to its relative novelty, the drug was not included on official prohibited drug lists, making it available for sale and purchase on underground markets.