NAD+ Treatment

NAD+ is a natural coenzyme in your body to energize cells and restores neurological health. The natural reserve of NAD+ in your body gets depleted with addiction and drug or alcohol misuse. NAD+ treatment is a new, holistic approach to detox and addiction recovery that dramatically reduces or eliminates cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Wish Recovery offers this therapy as part of an integrative and comprehensive treatment plan, which provides several health benefits for your whole body.


Understanding NAD Therapy for Addiction

NAD+ or Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide contributes to the development and function of neurotransmitters. The brain's neurotransmitters are continually in action to regulate a wide range of purposes, including:


Stimulation of emotions such as joy, fear, and so forth




NAD+ is an enzyme variant of vitamin B-3 or niacin, which research reveals may also operate as a natural neurotransmitter. It's a coenzyme found in the body that helps regenerate cells and generate energy. 


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Digestion of food is a normal part of the body's regular operation for producing cellular energy. However, NAD depletion occurs because of drug and alcohol addiction, making it more challenging to use the energy extracted from diet alone. According to some researchers, people who naturally make less NAD may be more prone to developing addictions or co-occurring disorders.


In 2019, a clinic in Los Angeles's Springfield was the first to devise a regimen for the intravenous delivery of NAD to individuals with acute withdrawal symptoms resulting from chronic alcohol and opioid misuse. Adverse withdrawal symptoms such as cravings, tension, and despair were all dramatically decreased by NAD treatment. Further study reveals that pairing NAD with specific amino acids produces an even more dramatic, complete, and sustainable recovery for those with substance use disorders.


Benefits of NAD Treatment 

Addiction cannot be cured with NAD+ IV therapy, but the chances of recovery for those struggling with alcohol or substance use disorder significantly improved after only 10 to 15 consecutive treatments. Here are some of the additional benefits of this therapy:


Increases Brain Function

It is possible to lose the capacity to make rational choices or judgments due to substance abuse. It also impacts your ability to remember and learn new things. This therapy is one of the most effective methods for repairing the brain. NADH is produced when supplemented with NAD+ (a precursor to cellular energy). Maintaining a healthy NAD+/NADH ratio helps your neurons perform better, and your brain is better protected. 


Reduces Chronic Pain

In the United States, 11% to 40% of individuals are plagued by chronic pain. People in recovery from opioid addiction should avoid drugs like fentanyl. NAD+ therapy may be capable of targeting the cause of pain. NAD+ IV injections were proven effective in relieving pain in recent trials.


Repairs Metabolic Function

The energy your body expends to keep functioning is called the "metabolism.". Addiction and aging might cause your metabolism to slow down. This may also contribute to weight gain and weakened muscular utility. When supplemented, NAD can help monitor and regulate metabolic changes throughout the body.


Eliminates Fatigue

This treatment targets the root basis of chronic fatigue caused by substance use or other factors by providing your body with everything it needs to repair itself at the cellular level. NAD boosts the creation of ATP, the primary energy carrier within cells.


Regenerate. Rehabilitate. Recover.

Experts at our beautiful facility administer the NAD+ supplement intravenously with an IV infusion. NAD+ treatment can improve your chances of successful recovery by allowing your body to repair itself and eliminate toxins and free radicals. It’s like a refreshing power wash for your entire system.


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NAD+ treatment at our luxury detox facility can benefit many people who desire a more natural way to recover from their addiction. Since the body begins to produce less NAD naturally with age and substance use, Wish Recovery offers NAD+ therapy as an essential component of our treatment programs to ensure that our patients are restored to optimal health.

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